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My gallery of handmade cards has albums for Anniversary Cards, Birthday Cards, Christmas Cards, Cards for Father's Day & Mother's Day, General Greetings Cards, Cards for Religious Occasions and Wedding Cards. On-line ordering and secure payment are facilities available for all my card services.
Updated 16 June 2009
Mother's Day 2009 - March 22
Father's Day 2009 - June 21
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Due to moving to a new web host, I am changing some of the pages that were on my site.  This means that some areas are temporarily unavailable, but you can still:
Browse the gallery :- There is a lot of new images on display and I will be adding comments and descriptions shortly.
See how to order a card for yourself and complete an order at the Helpdesk.  For a number of reasons I have to keep a cap on my order book so I need to ask for a 10 week lead time for new orders.
The library has now returned with articles covering crafts, weddings, scrapbooking and christenings.
External services now in draft form but accessible are links;gift ideas & other resources.
Further updates are due and you will be able to keep track of what is going on by following events in the blog.

Unique quality cards for any occasion individually handmade to order.
You can choose a copy of a card on show or have one that is unique to you.
Handmade cards;
A bespoke personal service, designed for you.
Personalised cards
with a choice of verse
- many original.